Sunday, May 30, 2010

FDD minicomp 2010

i know, the minicomp is over for over a week now.
and i know, i'm late with the results.

i posted the results daily on facebook, but according to lotta there are still some morons on earth that don't know about the existence of facebook and are complaining about not finding the results anywhere.

so all the poor helpless facebookless people can now find the results here below:

DAY ONE, 20th of may

DAY TWO, 21st of may

DAY THREE, 22nd of may


p.s. as a side note i would like to point out that i'm not particularly pro-facebook myself, as i'm not particularly pro-social activities in general. in fact as most people know, i dislike most kinds of social interaction.
i'm on facebook (as FDD) with the only purpose of taking the piss out of other fellow freedivers, and i have a rather poor opinion of private individuals who are on facebook for any other purpose than making money.
i hope this remark doesn't offend anybody, but i wouldn't mind if it offends jeremy.

very very soon i will update a very funny update about our new secret enterprise. written by jeremy.

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